An unofficial API version of the great data made available by the United Nations on the UNDATA site. The aim is to make this data accessible and reusable in a variety of ways so it can be easily mashed up and recombined into new applications or analysis.


The service uses a straightforward REST API hosted on Heroku’s MongoHQ and makes UNDATA sets easily queryable from any application. Currently we have 108 datasets from the World Health Organization online and we’ll add more over time.

Happy people

The service is 100% free to use and publicly accessible – you just need to sign up for an account to generate access keys. Standard accounts have some limits on usage but if you need more just contact us and we’ll arrange a higher limit.

*Checkout the official UNDATA SOAP API using the SDMX standard. Content=API

The Plan

  • All UN Data
  • 5000 hits per day

Run your requests

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